About Us

Liq-ui-dus, noun, (Latin: flowing, pure) – the curve connecting the temperatures at which a liquid solution is in equilibrium with its vapor and with the solid solution. 

LiquidUs American Biotech (LAB) was formed in 2012 by a group of experts with a combined 20+ years experience in the bio-tech industry. Many select liquid combinations have become more popular and the requirement for regulation by the FDA has become more prominent. We have combined our expertise to provide our customers a venue of a high quality company that is multi faceted in its abilities to provide liquid formulas in many industries with a cGMP approach.

Our Chemists do not stop at creating the highest quality liquids. We make sure all of our liquids perform to their maximum potential in each and every product. Our liquids are tested to perform at their peak across an entire range of variables that are specific to each application. We keep constant tab on the market and we immediately acquire any new technology to assure our liquids remain as in the industry leader in performance.